Jobs to do in May

Jobs to do this month

This list isn’t exhaustive. You can get detailed advice from many organisations, especially those listed on this website under Help and Advice


  • If necessary, thin out young fruits on trees for a good-sized crop.
  • Pinch off unwanted strawberry runners.
  • Continue picking rhubarb, and feed and mulch the surrounding soil.
  • Tie in new fruit canes.
  • Add fertiliser (e.g. fish, blood and bone) along rows of cane fruits and strawberries.
  • Hang pheromone traps on apple trees from now until August, to catch male codling moths. Replace the pheromone capsules and sticky sheets regularly.

Vegetables and salads

  • Sow parsley seed.
  • Sow sweetcorn in deep pots under cover or in the greenhouse, ready to plant out in June.
  • Keep sowing leafy salad crops.
  • Plant perennial herbs, and split and replant established plants.
  • Plant out herb plug plants.
  • Plant tomatoes in the greenhouse.
  • Plant climbing beans (e.g. runners, French beans, borlotti beans).
  • Pinch out the growing tips of broad beans to deter blackfly. Use a soap-based organic spray to clear heavy infestations.
  • Keep earthing up potatoes.
  • Transplant leek seedlings into their growing positions.
  • Support tall pea varieties with sticks.
  • Keep compost heaps turned, to aerate them and encourage the bacteria.
  • Harvest spring onions.